The Best Honey-Natural Raw Honey

Raw honey is simply honey that hasn't been heated, processed or pasteurized at all. It is the best honey that you can buy. 

The real differences between pasteurized honey and raw honey are very important.

Raw honey is a nutritious food that has many natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential natural nutrients.

These healthy nutrients are destroyed when honey is heated during the pasteurization process.

Actually, pasteurized honey is just about the same as unhealthy refined sugar.

Unfortunately, most people like to buy crystal clear, clean looking honey because they do not know about the benefits of raw honey.

Most of the time, raw honey is not readily available on most supermarket shelves.

Raw, unfiltered honey normally crystallizes to a very thick consistency just after a few of months depending on how much moisture is in the honey.

Don't worry about it if it does, because the honey is still good to eat and still very delicious. It's great to use as a spread for muffins, breads and pancakes.

This type of honey can also be mixed in hot tea or coffee.

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