Making Beeswax Candles - DIY Beeswax Candle Tapers Made Easier

Are you looking for a perfect alternative for scented paraffin candles? If so, beeswax candles are an awesome option for you. Beeswax candles naturally purify the air by releasing negative ions that can reduce dander, mold, dust and any other specs of dirt in the air we breathe. They also naturally scented so they won’t aggravate allergies. So are you thinking to buy these cute candles?

Beeswax candle tapers can be a bit pricey, though. Hence, it sounds a great idea to consider a DIY project. Here’s how to get started with golden glowing and charming candles of beeswax.

Measure your beeswax. Get a jar, fill it with beeswax pellets and pour the pellets into the Pyrex measuring cup.

Allow the beeswax to melt. Let the beeswax melt on the top of the stove with the use of a double boiler method. You might want to check out some YouTube vids that feature DIY methods. Just get a pot filled ¼ with water and put the measuring Pyrex in the pot while the handle hangs over the side.

Measure the essential oils. When making beeswax candles, some pros suggest 25 drops of essential oil. That would be 1 ml for every 28 gm. of beeswax. It’s good enough to have the whole room scented.

Add essential oils. Now that the beeswax has melted, it’s time to add essential oils. You can use the end of a spoon or a glass stir rod to gently stir the essential oils.

Use chop sticks or a pencil and balance wick in the center of your jar on top to keep  the wick in place .

Pour over a sieve. Get the tiniest bits grit by lining a mesh sieve with a pillowcase or a milk sieve disc. After everything is in place, just simply pour the wax through the sieve and let it harden. I always wait until the temperature of the wax is at approx. 110 degrees before pouring.

Trim your wicks. Allow your wick to harden for 24 hours, and then trim to about ¼ inch. Upon lighting your candle, make sure to direct the flame at the wick’s base so it burns properly.

Enjoy your candles!

Now you’ve got a cute beeswax candles. You’ll surely love the perfume aroma that they’ve to give. If you want a cheerful flame that cleans the air in your room naturally, beeswax candles are right for you. But wait, would you prefer to spend a few more bucks for a pricey candle or you would you prefer to do it your own instead? Well, you’re better off when making candles of beeswax.

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