Can You Give Dogs Honey? Is Honey Safe For Pets?

 Dog or pet owners, namely those who themselves love honey, might wonder whether or not it is safe for pets to have honey.

Whether you are a dog, cat, or other pet owner, or simply love animals, the answer to this question is yes.

But, like every food/treat you are going to feed animals, it is important to know the deviations to this answer.

And yes, there are some things dog owners have to know prior to feeding their dogs or cats honey.

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Dogs Can Eat Honey

This is adult dogs. It is important to avoid feeding puppies honey, as it can cause allergies, can be adverse to their health, and it can cause issues with their digestive system.

Due to the fact that they are not fully grown and can't process all foods, it is important to avoid feeding puppies or kittens honey, until they are fully grown (adult sized).

Do So In Moderation

Again, feeding your animals or pets honey is okay.

In fact, it has been linked to even possibly helping ward off certain allergies or ailments your pet might otherwise contract.

With this in mind, you must consider the amount you are going to be feeding them.

If you so choose to give your pets honey, it is important to avoid giving them more than one teaspoon per week.

This is going to have the opposite affect (to hep ward off allergies) and can in fact be detrimental to their overall health.

Too much sugar is not only bad for the heart, but their teeth and hygiene are also going to suffer if too much is fed to them.

Not all honey is cut from the same comb!

You see, different bees buzz around different flowers, creating a whole variety of honey types.

Let's talk about Manuka honey – it's like the superhero of honeys, straight from the manuka bush in New Zealand. Packed with antibacterial goodness, it's like four times the nutrient party compared to regular honey. If your furry friend is dealing with a cough or that pesky kennel cough, a spoonful of Manuka honey can be their sweet relief.

But that's not all! There's a whole gang of honeys – dandelion, meadow, heather, honeydew, jarrah, and tupelo – that are bursting with antioxidants.

When you're honey-hunting for health, pay attention to how it's made. The real magic happens with raw, unfiltered, locally sourced honey. The processed and pasteurized stuff might lose some of its health perks for your pup because of certain ingredients or methods like heating.

So, grab that golden goodness for your furry buddy, and let the sweet health benefits flow! 🍯🐾

The Benefits Are Plentiful

Above we already noted the fact that honey can help ward off certain allergies.

But, there are also additional benefits to feeding dogs or cats honey (again , moderation is key if you so choose to feed them.

Some of the additional benefits to feeding them honey include:

The fact that it is a natural energy booster, it will help enhance the mood, it can help improve overall digestive health, and can help improve overall levels of health if fed to your pet.

There are many treats out there which in fact contain honey as a main or additive ingredient.

Pet owners should not believe there to be any danger in feeding dogs or cats honey.

With this in mind, as is the case with any foods you give your pet, make sure you do so in moderation.

If it is natural honey, try to give them one teaspoon or less per week.

And, if it is found in their treats, make sure you follow package labels when feeding them those treats.

Whether they love the taste, or you are simply looking to help improve their overall level of health, if you are one of the many pet owners who are wondering can pets have honey and is it safe for them to consume, the short answer to this question is - Yes!

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