DIY Body Care Recipes

My all time Favorite Family Personal Care Natural Recipes.

Lotions, soaps, salves and more! I have put them all in a booklet, easy to follow recipes.  Download Copyright 2012

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  1. Honey, The Good Sugar

    Mar 27, 20 11:25 PM

    There are many misconceptions about honey as a sugar source. People equate it with being water supersaturated with sugar.

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  2. The Best Alternative Medicine - Honey Remedies That Really Work

    Mar 27, 20 11:23 PM

    Home remedies or folk remedies have not only been used in ancient times, but also by many people today as a form of alternative medicine.

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  3. The Harmful Effect of Pesticides on Honeybees

    Jan 17, 20 12:08 PM

    Pesticide use has become inevitable in modern agriculture. With pesticide consumption increasing several folds during the last four decades, the side effects are also increasing and one of which is th…

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