Honey Myth or Fact - What Do You Know?

Whether you are a big fan of honey or are just curious about it, the list below will help you understand some very important information about honey. Some of the myths and facts about honey just might end up surprising you!

1. Honey is sweeter than table sugar.

This is definitely a fact - honey is sweeter compared to table sugar. Because of this, most people use less of it, especially for their coffee or tea.

2. You should never use a metal spoon to scoop honey.

This is a myth. Even though honey is acidic, it only takes a few seconds to scoop out honey with a metal spoon so the spoon will not get corroded at all.

3. It's best to mix honey in hot water

No, this is another myth, too. When you add super hot water to your honey this will reduce its flavor and aroma. It can also destroy some of the natural enzymes in honey that are healthy for you.

4. Honey’s quality is not affected by crystallization

This is another important fact about honey. Crystallization doesn't affect the nutritional or quality values of honey. So don't throw honey away when it has crystallized.

5. Honey will never spoil, even when it is stored in an open container.

This certainly is a myth because honey will absorb moisture from the air if it is left uncovered and this will cause fermentation to occur. So be sure to store your honey properly so you can enjoy it's full flavor.

6. You can buy honey in cream, liquid, and powder forms

Just one more myth. Honey does come in cream and liquid forms, but it is not available in powder form. Some people think that cactus honey powder comes from bees, but it doesn't. Actually, it is produced from the juice of the Agave cactus plant in Mexico.

7. Honey is a healthier choice compared to artificial sweeteners

This is definitely a fact - a very important one. Honey contains healthy nutrients like vitamins and minerals while artificial sugars do not.

8. Honey contains no cholesterol

Absolutely a fact – honey doesn't contain any cholesterol at all.

9. Honey helps to burn fat in your body while you are sleeping

This is a fact that very few people know. Research has shown that honey is one of the bests foods for burning body fat when you sleep. So, if you are trying to lose weight, have a little honey before you go to sleep.

10. Honey contains a very small amount of fat

This is another common myth people have about honey. The fact is honey is totally fat free.