How Honey Reduces Dental Plaque and Combats Cavities!

Might not seem like the first solution you would turn to in order to help fight plaque or reduce the possibility of cavities popping up, but honey does have many great benefits as it pertains to the dental field.

In addition to these, the fact that it is an anti inflammatory has made it a popularly used ingredient in dental products, washes, and rinses.

So, what are the benefits of using honey as it pertains to dental care? These are a few.

Honey Helps to Reduce Cavities

Contrary to what one might think, honey can actually help combat cavities when properly incorporated into your dental care regimen.

Honey can help reduce tooth decay. Honey is a natural anti microbial and anti inflammatory.

In turn, it can help reduce plaque, help reduce puss, and help reduce the swelling around teeth which are decaying.

The natural anti septic and healing capabilities of honey can help reverse cavities, help fight certain periodontal diseases, and help fight problems such as gingivitis.


Honey Reduces Dental Plaque

Plaque is a common problem everyone deals with, even those who brush and floss regularly.

The simple fact is that even after drinking a beverage, the sediment which builds up over our teeth is hard to remove; in turn, yellowing and plaque build up tend to occur.

With using honey, you can help reduce these types of build up.

Honey has been shown to help stop the growth of dental plaque bacteria.

So your teeth won't appear yellow and that film won't cover your teeth as much in between dental visits and cleaning.

Stops the Build Up of Acid

In addition to helping reduce levels of plaque, honey can also help reduce the build up of dextran which is a component of dental plaque, as well as reduce the amount of acid which is naturally produced by our bodies.

Dextran is that thick gummy substance which adheres onto your teeth which is hard to remove, even when brushing regularly.

It helps reduce the level of bacteria which produces this substance and remains stuck to the exterior of the teeth.

Honey can help combat the build up of this bacteria, the acid, and help preserve the tooth and enamel base, so your teeth not only look whiter for longer times in between dental visits, but are also going to be healthier helping reduce the occurrence of cavities and other dental issues.

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Honey Works as a Natural Anti Microbial

The properties of honey and the ability to serve as an anti microbial are well noted.

For this very reason, it is a great addition to your dental care regimen if you want to fight the possibility of gingivitis, or other gum and periodontal disease.

These issues occur when puss and other bacterial build up below the layers of the gum are present. When using honey to the layer of the gum and teeth not only can you naturally help to kill off some of the bacteria which naturally build up on the layer of the gum.

You can also help improve the whitening properties so your teeth appear whither over time as well.

Of course anti microbial properties and levels are going to vary based upon the type of honey and potency, but even with general household honey (you use in your coffee or tea), you will notice an improvement and natural healing capabilities which the sweetener possesses.

Many honey products are labeled as anti septic products, due to their high potency levels and ability to naturally fight bacteria and help reduce bacterial build up over time.

If possible, these are the different products which should be used in order to help fight gingivitis, plaque build up, and other dental concerns or issues you deal with on a regular basis.

However, even the natural honey you buy at the local grocery store is going to help you with your dental and health care regimen when used regularly.

Honey Mouth Wash Home Remedy

  1. 1/2-3/4 cup warm water
  2. Stirring and Dissolve 1 teaspoon Liquid unpasteurized honey into the warm water. Only unpasteurized honey will aid in reducing plaque. Find it at your local beekeeper.
  3. Rinse and gargle like you would a normal mouth wash.
  4. Honey will kill streptococcal (strep) bacteria , gargling regularly with the rinse to keep your throat clear of infections.
  5. After thoroughly gargling, spit the mixture into the sink.
  6. Do not rinse after spitting allowing the honey to kill any bad bacteria remaining in your mouth.

For individuals who suffer from these dental issues or concerns, or those who simply want to improve the appearance and overall health of their teeth and gums, these are a few ways in which honey can benefit your dental care in addition to the brushing and flossing you do daily.

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