Eliminate Leaky Gut with Bee Propolis

Leaky gut is a common syndrome affecting many people today, although it is estimated that over 80 percent of those who suffer from this life-threatening menace are still unaware of this condition. Even though many medical researches to uncover the root causes of this syndrome have been carried out, Leaky gut remains a medical enigma and a dangerous condition to many people.

However, a recent research about the bee Propolis has brought the much-awaited good news on how to eliminate leaky gut. It is important to note that bee pollen is one of the most nutritious and has several health benefits including detoxification of body cells, improving the functionality of the liver as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is therefore referred to as super food by those who understand how beneficial it is in improving their overall immune system. Bee propolis, just like the honey, has numerous precious compounds that offer unique health benefits although many people have not yet understood how to harness these benefits for their shake hence underrating the most effective natural leaky gut treatment method. 

How does leaky gut occur?

A leaky gut is characterized by symptoms such as bloating, stomach pains, gas cramps, food sensitivity, and acid re-flux (heartburn). However, there are other minorities such as skin conditions, thyroid issues, mood disorders irritable bowel diseases, among many other states. Almost all these conditions are directly linked to gut health conditions, and it remains a mystery on the specific causes of these conditions; hence many scientific investigations are underway to ascertain the main cause of these syndromes.

So far, little is known about the conditions, although it is believed that the increased intestinal permeability plays a significant role in this condition. As the guts tight junctions responsible for regulating the undigested food in the small intestine malfunctions, some foreign particles trickle into the bloodstream causing health complications.

Medical treatment is not only costly but also time-consuming, and this is the reason why experienced herbalists have developed a straightforward, effective, and affordable treatment using bee propolis.

How does bee propolis eliminate a leaky gut? 

Bee propolis has been used in Russia and many Eastern European countries due to limited access to therapeutic drugs. Today bee propolis is not only used by those who can’t afford curative drugs but to anyone who is passionate about getting long term treatment solutions for their leaky gut. Various studies have produced positive results on the use of bee propolis in the treatment of the above disorder.

According to a publication made by an old bee propolis health journal, it was revealed that bee propolis has unique compounds such as poly phenol that strengthens gut joints and junctions once in contact with the guts walls, thus reducing effects of a leaky gut. Additionally, propolis facilitates the multiplication of cells around tight junctions of the stomach better than another form of medication.

Bee propolis compounds (the Quercetin and Kaempferol) not only enables the stimulation of intestinal cell, particularly around the junctions and joints but also promotes the overall gut health within the shortest time and long term benefits.

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