Distinguishing Organic Raw Honey from Raw Honey: Understanding the Difference

Organic raw honey is pricier, but the higher price does comes with a number of added benefits which raw honey does not contain.

Whether you are the health enthusiast who only buys natural, organic products, or are simply looking for healthier alternatives for sugar, one of the many questions you may have is: "what is the different between organic raw honey and raw honey?"

So, is it really worth investing in organic, or "real" honey? In short, the answer is yes, and these are a few of the benefits.


Honey which isn't "raw," organic honey, isn't nearly as healthy as the organic variety.

Traditional honey products which aren't labeled as organic contain little to no pollen if pasteurized (which is used for weight control, anti-aging, beauty, healing, etc).

In China it may also contain antibiotics, and the main ingredient in these products is high fructose syrup. Avoid made in China honey.

These sugars have often been linked to obesity or being overweight due to high levels of unnatural sugars, they can lead to plaque build up in the arteries, and are also attributed to narrowing of the blood vessels in the body over time as well.

Organic Raw Honey

Organic raw honey does not remove any of the pollen during the production process, or use any chemicals in the hives. 

The bees gather from organic plants which the area must be certified organic to be labeled so.

This means you keep those anti-aging, inflammatory, weight loss, and natural properties which aren't found in the other graded varieties.

In addition to this, all vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are intact in these organic products.

They also contain anti-fungal and viral properties, contain the powerful antioxidants which the body needs, and can help with several health benefits (including allergy reduction, natural skin healing, wound healing, etc).

The organic varieties are also linked in studies which individuals that consume the honey have reduced blood pressure levels, and reduced levels of cholesterol when used as a part of a healthy diet.

Further, it helps naturally boost immune functions, helps with digestion, and works to naturally increase serotonin levels in the system, which give the body that "good" feeling or vibe.

Although you might think honey is a better alternative to sugar based or artificial sweeteners, it is important to note that not all honey products are created equally.

If you are considering lower priced alternatives, skip them. Although you will pay a little more, it is well worth the investment, and health benefits you are going to attain, when you choose the organic raw honey variety, over the other products on the market.

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