Propolis is Powerful - How to Eliminate Leaky Gut with Bee Propolis

Leaky gut is one of the most dangerous conditions believed to be a medical mystery. It is a common syndrome among many people, but it is unfortunate to note that over 80 percent of those having it do not know they are suffering from the said disease. 

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The syndrome is said to have signs and symptoms including gas cramps, bloating, aches, pains, and food sensitivities. Other disorders linked to Leaky gut include skin conditions (such as eczema/psoriasis and acne), irritable bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, colitis, and thyroid issues. 

It is apparent that the above syndrome is linked directly to the health of a gut, but what precisely causes it and how can it be treated?  As mentioned earlier, the Leaky gut is a mysterious condition, and that is why numerous researches are being conducted to ascertain the primary cause.

As we wait for more results, what we do know is that the condition happens because of increased intestinal hyper permeability or intestinal permeability. This occurs when tight junction in the gut responsible for controlling what goes through the lining of the small intestine work improperly. As a result, it allows foreign substances to leak into the bloodstream, resulting in a series of health issues. 

Over the years, the above syndrome has claimed lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Medication has been advanced to treat it, but it is extremely expensive, and most people cannot afford it. Nonetheless, herbal medical experts have found another ingenious treatment. It is none other than the use of bee propolis! 

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Well, how do you eliminate Leaky gut with propolis?  

Sometimes referred to as Russian Penicillin, propolis was (and perhaps still is) ever present in every first Aid Kit in many European countries especially those located in the far east where they didn’t have access to pharmaceutical drugs. Nowadays, bee propolis is used to treat a variety of mysterious complications, and this article dives deep on how it can help treat the above condition. 

Propolis Is Powerful

Several studies have done to ascertain the effectiveness of bee propolis in treating the above syndrome, and positive results have been found. According to one of the studies published in one of the health journals, it has been established that Propolis can strengthen junctions and joints around the gut, which leads to less leaky gut. 

 That is not tough enough; research continued with the analysis of the effects of polyphenol (one of the main elements of bee propolis) on intestinal barrier function in the intestinal cells. It was confirmed that propolis accelerates the rate at which cells in a tight junction (where there is a gut) join is higher than when treated with other medications. 

   In a nutshell, bee propolis has several vital elements that help affected areas form a virtually impermeable barrier that prevents external fluids from passing through. The important compounds present in propolis are Kaempferol and Quercetin (both of which are polyphenols) help stimulate intestinal cell barrier integrity. It is profound that these two substances played a key role in the ability of bee propolis to improve and promote gut health. 

How to Use Propolis

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