Exploring the Potential of Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen in Combating Bone Loss

Old age is one of the contributors to many illnesses and diseases. Some of the most common illnesses suffered mainly due to old age is bone weakness.

However, bone weakness can be caused by other reasons like poor nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Poor structure of the bones increases the chances of bone fractures. Scientists have been trying to find new ways to curb thinning of bones.

Protein supplements are known to help in the strengthening of bones, but they are not very efficient.

Royal jelly and bee pollen have begun gaining audience among bone specialists for their role in preventing thinning of bones.

Nutrients for Bone Building

Royal jelly and bee pollen have been tested and proven to be very efficient in the prevention of bone loss.

However, bee pollen and royal jelly cannot help with building bone mass, they can only be used to decrease the rate at which bone loss occurs.

In addition to the bee pollen and royal jelly there are other ingredients that can be consumed to help reduce bone loss.

Some of these supplements include the following;

• Magnesium. Magnesium supplements should be consumed in bisglycinate form. The role of the magnesium in the body is to increase the alkalinity of the body. This helps in preventing loss of calcium from the body. 

• Vitamin K2. 

• Calcium supplements should also be consumed in tangible quantities. 

• Vitamin D. The vitamin D3 helps in the maintenance of calcium levels in the body. It also increases the rate of absorption. There are two main sources of vitamin D3, the sunlight or supplements. Whichever the source, the presence of this vitamin in the body helps with protection of the body against fractures. 

• Silicon is one of the minor elements required in the body. After its conversion to silic acid, the body utilizes it to make elastin and collagen. Collagen is very important in ensuring strength of bones.


Routine for Bone Building

Bone building may be a little tricky especially with all the remedies in the internet.

However, natural building of bones is easy.

Listed below are some of the supplements to take and the amount to take them for fast and guaranteed results.

• 3g Royal jelly every day. 

• 2 Tablespoons of granules of bee pollen daily. 

• In a glass of juice every day, mix 10 drops of collagen plus. 

• Take two capsules of bone booster every day. These capsules contain vitamin K3 and vitamin D. 

• 0.8 grams of magnesium every day. 

Bone strengthening is a concept that s foreign to many people. This is despite the large number of people who suffer from bone loss and frequent fracturing of bones.

The use of supplements have been adopted by many bone scientists in the aim of slowing the rate at which bone loss occurs.

Royal jelly and bee pollen are very useful in the prevention of bone loss. However, they are not very helpful in increasing the bone mass in the body.

Together with several other mineral supplements, the two are helpful in preventing bone loss in the body. Some of the other supplements to include in the routine include vitamin D and K3, magnesium and silicon. 

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