Unlocking Nature's Probiotic Power: Exploring the Presence of Probiotics in Honey

What are probiotics and their significance in our immune system?

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Have you come across the term probiotics and wondered what it is and what does it involve or treat? Probiotics are natural bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for your digestive system. However, your gut contains millions of both bad and good probiotics, which are referred to as helpful.

Are there probiotics in honey? Yes, All these helpful probiotics can be found in various food supplements such as raw honey, which has, in recent years, become the bestselling product in the natural health industry. Remember, most people have shifted from consuming natural food, which contains helpful probiotics for their gut to commercially processed foods, and this necessitates that we swallow at least a handful of probiotic-rich supplements to ensure we remain healthy. 

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The good news is that you don’t have to keep swallowing these tablets anymore! A recent carried out study involving 13 honey samples from different sites reviewed that commercially processed honey had 32 distinct probiotic strains with acidophilus being the most popular type of probiotic in these honey, and this is the reason behind its large market today.

It has numerous benefits in our guts and helps maintain gut health in the long term. Thirty-two lactic acid bacteria have isolated from the thirteen honey samples available in Malaysia honey stores. Among the strains identified, six of them were classified as Lactobacillus acidophilus. 

Why eating raw honey every day can boost your immune system? 

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The fascinating part of these isolated probiotics is that they had great antibacterial activities even to the most antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus strains. Bearing in mind the potential risk caused by the antibioticresistant staph, this achievement is sure recommendable and a milestone achieved in the natural health industry.

Remember, most of the antibiotic-resistant staph are among the most killer diseases in hospitals, especially to infants with a weak immune system, something that keeps worrying many people in the daily news all over the world.

However, the helpful Lactobacillus acidophilus found in raw honey has a unique way of eliminating all these antibiotic-resistant strains within a few weeks. It is equally important to note that raw honey has numerous beneficial nutrients that boost your immune system since the food that you take and the health of your gut plays a significant role in your immune system.

For instance, eating at least a tablespoon of honey every day not only enhances the growth of the helpful acidophilus bacterial but also improves their performance hence protecting your gut from common illness and better nutrient absorption. 

Raw honey has numerous benefits over pasteurized honey (heated) since exposing honey to heat destroys or kills the mentioned bacteria, and that is the reason why honey in supermarkets doesn’t contain the helpful acidophilus.

The presence of various L. acidophilus strains obtained from diverse honey sources has let the scientist sum up that different honey sources play a significant role in the antimicrobial of any particular honey. Further scientists are tirelessly researching the other potential benefits of eating raw honey.

It is a fact that raw honey heals something that is scientifically backed. For instance, eating raw honey every day can help you live longer, treat chronic sinusitis, lowering your cholesterol level significantly, thus avoiding a heart attack, among other diseases.

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