RIMAN’s Signature Ingredient

Here's What Sets RIMAN Apart:

RIMAN, INC. stands at the forefront of the global K-Beauty movement, driven by a singular mission: to revolutionize the beauty and personal care sectors.

We seamlessly blend time-honored beauty traditions of Korean women with cutting-edge scientific advancements and exclusively sourced natural ingredients.

The outcome? Unparalleled skincare and hair care solutions that defy convention.

riman ingredients

An Essential Component of State-of-the-Art Blends

In the vast realm of cosmetics and personal care, whether you're crafting innovative shampoos in a lab or indulging in the latest lotions as a consumer, you're actively shaping and riding the waves of industry trends.

Trends ebb and flow incessantly, reflecting the dynamic nature of beauty culture. Amidst this ever-evolving landscape of beauty technology, certain timeless ingredients persist as pillars of excellence in formulations.

Propolis is a natural resin-like substance produced by bees, known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, often used in RIMAN skincare for its soothing and healing effects.

Among other stalwarts is centella asiatica, also recognized as Indian pennywort or gotu kola, revered as BYoungPool in Korea.

The Legacy and Advantages of BYoungPool in Skincare and More

Originating from Southeast Asian countries such as India and China, BYoungPool boasts a rich history spanning millennia.

  1. In China, it has earned acclaim as one of the revered "miracle elixirs of life," a reputation upheld through the ages.
  2. Renowned for its skin-revitalizing prowess, BYoungPool is hailed for its ability to heal wounds, enhance blood circulation, and even stave off wrinkles. Yet, its benefits transcend mere skincare. In Sri Lanka, it is revered for its association with longevity, while Ayurvedic medicine extols its capacity to rejuvenate and clear the mind, making it a favored aid for meditation.

Understanding the Mechanism: Saponins and Triterpenoids in Skincare

Scientific inquiry underscores the pivotal role of saponins, specifically triterpenoids, in unleashing BYoungPool's therapeutic effects.

  1. Among the notable triterpenoids are madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiatic acid, and asiaticoside. Research indicates that certain triterpenoids can stimulate the synthesis of type I collagen, crucial for skin structural integrity in the dermis,
  2. While others suggest that saponin extracts from BYoungPool enhance skin tensile strength, promoting heightened elasticity.
  3. Further investigations unveil its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, culminating in the promise of radiant, resilient skin.

Fusing Time-Honored Methods with Contemporary Innovations to Elevate Skincare Excellence

RIMAN harnesses the power of a distinct variety of BYoungPool, termed Giant BYoungPool, within their proprietary INCELLDERM technology. Exclusively cultivated for RIMAN on Korea's Jeju Island, this strain, coupled with patented technology, unlocks unique benefits unavailable elsewhere.

While ongoing research delves into the disparities between giant and conventional BYoungPool, initial findings indicate that the larger leaves of the Giant BYoungPool harbor elevated polyphenol levels and heightened antioxidant activity, alongside the well-known advantages of skin firming and fortification. A collaborative study with Seoul National University corroborated these findings, revealing a notable anti-wrinkle effect and diminished hyperpigmentation courtesy of our Giant BYoungPool.

Though exploration into BYoungPool's various fractions and subspecies persists, its enduring presence in the beauty industry is assured. RIMAN's decision to anchor not only the formulation but also the philosophy of INCELLDERM around the beauty of BYoungPool stems from its multifaceted approach to skincare, rich historical pedigree, and efficacy in both physical and mental well-being.

RIMAN's unique Giant BYoungPool strain empowers us to amplify its revered benefits while leveraging state-of-the-art research and methodologies.

This approach grants us an in-depth comprehension of the most efficacious molecules for your skin, facilitating the creation of optimal skincare solutions.

By seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with contemporary advancements, we craft skincare products that epitomize unparalleled performance.

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