The Practice of Apitherapy Using Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom

Royal Jelly, Bee Venom, or the use of Pollen, are several of the bee products which are used by those who partake in the practice of apitherapy.


What is Apitherapy? What are the benefits of using products derived from bees, such as propolis or bee venom? Does it really work for treating pain, swelling, inflammation, or other chronic conditions? These are a few of the basics surrounding this form of non-traditional, natural, medicine.   

What is Apitherapy? 

It is the practice of using products derived from the beehive to treat different conditions. Among those products which are used in this practice include: pollen, bee venom, propolis, and royal jelly

From illnesses to pain, to treating chronic conditions such as inflammation or swelling, those who practice apitherapy, have come to use it for several conditions, and to treat a number of different illnesses over time. 

What can it treat? -  Suffer from chronic pain? Fatigue? General body aches and pain?

 Inflammation, swelling, acute pain, or even different conditions which individuals suffer from, are all treatable via the use of apitherapy practice.

The non-traditional, holistic approach has been used for years, and has been used to treat different patients and individuals, for several conditions and pain treatment. 

The Benefits of Bee Products

bee products

There have been a number of benefits tied to the use of bee products for healing. Whether it is all natural honey, the use of pollen for treating pain or inflammation, or the use of propolis as a topical rub, several benefits have been noted by those practice apitherapy, as well as those who are patients in this field.

Some of the benefits which individuals immediately notice upon applying or being treated with bee products include : 

  • Reduction of swelling or inflammation to areas. 
  • Reduction of redness, bumps, patches, or other skin  discoloration.
  • Pain relief from chronic, acute, or uncontrollable pain which traditional medicine can't or does not pinpoint.
  • Pain relief for stomach conditions and pain.
  • Improved mood, improved metabolism, increase of endorphin levels. 

Sure, there are the proponents, and those who simply rely on traditional medicine and medication which are going to say these results aren't proven.

With this in mind, there are still millions of people who rely on this non-traditional, holistic approach for pain management, treatment, and even treating chronic conditions or illnesses, which haven't been cured through the use of natural medicine.  

Whether you suffer from chronic stomach conditions, GI issues, problems with respiratory health, inflammation, conditions like arthritis, or are simply in a bad mood, the use of bee products have been tied to treating these, and dozens of other conditions.

In addition to quick and immediate results, the use of bee venom or pollen, have also been tied to completely eliminating pain or different conditions, which traditional medicine and medication have not been able to treat.

  If you are looking for a holistic medical approach for different conditions, or simply want to include an additional method for treating certain conditions, apitherapy is an approach which you might want to consider for treating such conditions and pain.

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